Warren Ragoonanan

Hons. B. Comm, LL. B

Warren RagoonananWarren is a business lawyer at Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP, where he has a little too much fun closing a variety of domestic and international deals: business acquisitions, borrowing money, tax-related transfers and everything in between. A large part of the fun is helping his clients pursue sustainability goals. No matter how busy he gets, Warren makes time to meet people passionate about corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Warren really likes the Ontario Bar Association, and in particular its International Law Section. So much so that he joined its executive in 2004 and has not left since. Currently he is the section Chair. As an ILS exec, he has had the privilege of organizing several programs, including ones on: international commercial contracts; working with Canada’s Trade Commissioner; and the critical work being done by the lawyers at the office of Canada’s Judge Advocate General (JAG).

Warren also has a deep seated need to be constantly doing something. He has coauthored one book and authored numerous articles. In the O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms, he co-authors Chapter 32 (International Transactions) and authors Chapter 33 (Joint Ventures). He taught at Centennial College a Forum for International Trade Training FITTskills course called Legal Aspects of International Business (an enormous amount of fun!). And in 2012 he had the privilege of teaching a special session of the course to a group of Trade Commissioners at Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Development Canada.

To find out more about Warren’s background and education, feel free to check out his LinkedIn profile.

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