Andrea Lusk

Andrea is a senior associate at Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP. She is an experienced and capable advocate for condominiums, providing support and representation to help condominium boards, managers and owners navigate common condo issues. Awarded ACMO’s Associate of the Year Award in 2018, Andrea has a proven track record of providing top quality service and guidance.

Beyond condo law, she also handles real estate transactions, litigation and wills/estates — she draws on these practice areas to provide clients with a thorough perspective on condo issues. Andrea is dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions with confidence and in a way that addresses their individual situations. Her goal is to build trust by exceeding expectations.

Andrea is a “big picture” person and it shows: her clients appreciate her quality of service and often return to her for assistance beyond their initial issues. She takes pride in her successful track record in difficult cases and getting clients the satisfying results they deserve.

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