Mark Arnold

Mark is litigation counsel to GMA. He is committed to achieving the justice that his clients deserve. With decades of courtroom experience, compassion and determination, he boldly advocates for clients who have been wronged. He pursues justice for his clients with honest advice, creative solutions and tenacious representation no matter the stakes. He strives to ensure this process is as manageable as possible so that clients can feel confident they’re making informed decisions.

Through direct communication and unbounded dedication, he provides all those seeking justice the confidence they need to navigate the legal system — because everyone deserves their day in court!

Mark’s passion and pursuit of justice extends beyond condominium law. When Iranian authorities shot down UIA Flight PS752, Mark represented families of the Canadian victims and obtained a ground-breaking $107,000,000 judgment against Iran. Mark courageously represents his clients, no matter what is at stake: if the matter is important to his clients, it is important to him. We are incredibly proud of his courage.

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