J. Robert Gardiner


J. Robert Gardiner is senior partner of Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP, a Bay Street law firm focused on condominium law.

He was a director and President of the Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto & Area), and chaired its Legislative Committee and its Education Committee. Bob is an honorary member of the ACMO Associates Executive Committee and co-chaired ACMO’s Government and Legal Committee for many years.

As chair of the ACMO/CCI Joint Recommendations Committee, Bob drafted and presented five briefs to the Ontario government proposing 180 improvements to the Condominium Act and Regulations. He has been a member of four other condominium committees.

Bob has authored ten books (five on condominium law), edited three condominium legal texts and has written and directed two condo comedy plays. He has published 250 legal articles and has moderated or spoken at over 80 condo seminars. Bob has presented more than 40 briefs to legislators and has written over 2,000 legal opinions on a wide range of condominium issues. Besides The Condominium Act, 1998 – A Practical Guide (Canada Law Book 905- 841-6472), some condominium books include Beyond the Condominium Act (ACMO R.C.M. College Text, 1999), Disaster Planning Workbook (CCI Toronto & Area, 1998) and Chairing Condominium Meetings (Cynewulf, 1997).

Bob has been honoured as a Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute for meritorious service to the condominium community. He received the Governor General’s Confederation 125 Award for significant service to Canada and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies’ McGrand Award for outstanding animal welfare achievements. Bob has also been awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Award. In 2004, GMA received ACMO’s “Associate of the Year” Award.

Editor of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal (1972) and a lecturer on business law at Ryerson University (1979), Bob practiced corporate and entertainment law before concentrating on providing practical legal solutions to a wide variety of condominium issues. A past Vice-President and director of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, he chaired numerous wildlife and animal welfare committees. As President of the Canadian Association for Humane Trapping, Bob initiated many humane trapping regulations, programs and policies across Canada, and internationally through the World Conservation Union and the International Standards Organization.

Bob authored Welcome to My Garden (poems), Berczy’s Place (poems), Come On In (CD – songs) and Standing Stones (CD – guitar instrumental compositions), as well as his major opus, Stardust ~ The Riddle of Reality – a wilderness dusk ’til dawn exploration of creation/space-time/astronomy/subatomic physics/nature- /environment/evolution/mind and spirit. Bob’s photographs wallpaper his corner office and have been fund-raisers for the Law Society’s Feed the Hungry program. As Grand Master Taster of Dessert First!, Bob, a dessert rights radical, urges diners to eat dessert before clogging up on vegetables and meat.

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