Incorporate a Company

To instruct Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP (“GMA”) to incorporate a company for you, please fill out the form below.   We will be using this information to prepare and file Articles of Incorporation on your behalf.

Incorporator Information

Jurisdiction of Incorporation

Corporation Name

Please provide us with three potential names for your proposed corporation in order of preference. We will need to check to see if your preferred name is available by running a NUANS name search. Part of the name should be unique and part of it should describe the nature of your business. We encourage you to check the Internet and your phonebook before giving us a name. Each NUANS is a separate disbursement and we also charge for time spent on multiple searches at our standard hourly rates.

Basic Business Information

Otherwise, please fill in the information below.

First Directors

Please state the name of the first directors of the corporation below. They will need to hold office until replaced by the shareholders. You can use the Incorporator’s primary or alternate address for one or more of the first directors by checking the appropriate box below.


Please complete the following.

The articles can place limits on authorized capital but such restrictions are rare. If your authorized capital is something other than unlimited, please provide particulars:


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Legal Fees (Flat Fee) $650.00
Estimated Disbursements $560.00
GST/HST (13%) $157.30

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